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AL's Place

AL's Place is a neighborhood restaurant in the Mission district of San Francisco from chef-owner Aaron London. We offer a seasonal, ingredient-driven menu, that highlights the produce of Northern California. 

AL's Place has no dress code. We want to create a fun, relaxed and exciting place for people to come together and enjoy food in company of family and friends!

Aaron London - Chef/Owner

Hailing from West Sonoma County, Aaron London has been banging around the kitchen since he could reach the pots and pans. Constantly cooking for neighbors and family as a youth, the obsession with all things culinary carved his inevitable path to “chefdom.”  With experience in top-tier Michelin starred restaurants such as L’ Astrance, Daniel, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the AL’s Place cuisine touts our fearless leader’s expansive palate and boundless capacity to explore and create. When pressed to pick one dish most representative of himself, he references the menu’s ‘eat-with-your-hands’ baby lettuces with herbed avocado and pistachio, explaining how they showcase his connection to the garden, as well as “taking something common and making it really special.”  Tattooed and tactical, gregarious yet precise, the heartbeat and mastermind behind AL’s Place never ceases to tease and awaken San Francisco’s unsuspecting eaters.

Kimberly Litchfield - General Manager

Starting out as a “shot girl” in a Miami nightclub, the trajectory of this Floridian’s hospitality career has been anything but straightforward. A proud 3rd generation alumni of The University of Pennsylvania, Kimberly made her way to San Francisco, where she found herself in an unfulfilling job in corporate management. Once she discovered her love for hospitality, she dove full-force into a floor manager position at bacar and never looked back. In 2014, Kimberly was in a near-fatal accident.  She threw herself into physical therapy and after a painstaking 14 months of rehabilitation, made a full recovery. This ferocity of spirit and her determination to approach life with tenacity and resolve - these are the qualities of a great leader; traits that Kimberly exudes both on and off the restaurant floor. Self-proclaimed “Jew-mom” to daughter Paloma as well as the AL’s Place staff, Kimberly is everyone’s go-to for cold medicine and extra pens.  If Kimberly were to describe herself as one dish on the menu, it would be the seared duck with strawberry mole. The complex harmony of sweet and smoke and spice resulting from the mole’s slow and layered cooking process remind her of husband Josué’s home in the Yucatan, while the textural melt-in-your-mouth richness of the duck breast reminds her that life is short - so enjoy the luxuries.

Julie Mackay - AGM

A wild Washingtonian at heart, Julie has called San Francisco home since 2009. With nearly fifteen years front of house experience, she’s worn every hat from hostess to food runner to server to manager. After hopping around the fine dining pool in places such as Michael Mina and Quince, she found a true home in Aaron London’s cozy blue-painted nook on 26th and Valencia. A former English teacher and avid lover of words, she’s always there to keep the staff’s food and wine descriptions eloquent and on point. Her daily “5 Minutes of Wine Time” allow staff to discuss and fine-tune knowledge on specific bottles and producers. If she were to find solidarity with one menu item, it would be the roasted beets with borscht-spiced seeds and burrata. “You think you know how the components taste and what you’re going to get, but you have NO idea. The flavors come at your palate in the most perfect storm.”

Edwin Sandoval - Sous Chef

Bay Area native Edwin Sandoval claims he’s “just always been in the kitchen.” Growing up with parents that loved to cook, plus current home-life with Rachel Maresca, Pastry Chef at Spruce, things for Edwin have always centered around the shared experience of preparing and enjoying meals. That vitality- the powerful sense of community and commonality ignited by food- called to Edwin. Hence it felt completely natural to skip college and jump immediately into culinary school at the C.C.A. (despite some slight protestation from mom). Beginning his career in home-town San Mateo, Edwin spent 2 years sharpening his freshly acquired culinary skills at 231 Ellsworth. Hungry for more experience, Burlingame’s Nectar came next, where he absorbed the tutelage of his mentor, Chef Gavin Schmidt. Edwin’s voracity next landed him a spot at Madeira, cooking on the team that would earn the restaurant its Michelin Star. Not long after, at the age of 24, he was offered his first Sous Chef position at Americano, which would put him on the radar of Chef Aaron London and eventually lead him to his current position, nestled in the family tree of AL’s Place as Sous Chef. After his initial stage at the restaurant, Edwin’s love of all things peach led him to choose the stonefruit curry as the dish to try. The vibrancy of the flavors, the layered nuances of the black-lime cod, the silky texture of the curry- his mind was blown. So much so that he couldn’t wait to share the experience with Rachel the first time they dined at AL’s, and she was equally taken aback. The synergy of that moment felt like coming home to Edwin, and for that reason the curry is the dish he feels closest to. Plus, Edwin playfully notes, “Who doesn’t love delicious, soupy things?!”

Blue Dane Garden

A biodynamically run operation located in Grass Valley, Blue Dane Garden is run by married duo Rose and Dakota Becker. Chef Aaron has been working with Rose Becker for years, back when they were at Ubuntu in Napa Valley. 

Blue Dane grows produce exclusively for AL’s Place, and we source the majority of our produce from them. Despite the two hour driving distance, Rose and Dakota take turns making weekly produce runs to AL’s. The key and unique component here revolves around the fact that all produce is delivered still potted in soil, and kept as such in our basement grow area until right before every service.  

Some of the most special and noteable items on the menu from Blue Dane include our radishes, sweet herbs, and baby lettuces.

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